Becker fine hand-made briar pipes

"From my passion for the natural beauty of briar and my desire to create for the most demanding smoker and the most refined collector, a pipe truly unmistakable for its new design, impeccable execution and perfect functioning, the "Becker Pipe" was born. To be able to create an object so precious, it is necessary to pay particular attention to the various moments of its creation, beginning with the accurate choice of the briar and its perfect seasoning, to the final hand-working of each shape, piece by piece. This explains why the number of pipes that leave my workshop is so limited. I am certain that the most refined smoker and collector will find as much satisfaction in smoking the "Becker Pipe" as I felt when I conceived it, shaped it and finished it in my workshop."

Fritz Becker

(excerpt from Italian pipe magazine "SMOKING" 1980)


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